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College Course Planning for Freshman

Determining which college courses you are going to take will depend a great deal on the degree you are working towards earning and on the major and minor you have chosen.  1. Before you begin choosing your courses check with your college advisor about the number of credits that are required to earn a degree. You also need to find out the amount of credits you will earn with a full year and a half year course.  2. Take out your college course catalog and turn to the section that lists and details the courses needed for your degree. Read through all of the information in this section so that you can best determine which courses will be right for your situation. You will also have to decide which courses will go towards your major, your minor and which will be elective classes.  3. Decide which courses you want to take for your major. It's probably best to schedule an appointment with your college advisor to get some guidance on these required classes. When yo

Job Tips for Soon to Be College Students

Finding a job while you are graduated from high school and waiting for college will not only provide you with some extra cash but it will teach you a great deal of life skills. Getting the right job for your situation can seem daunting. You can make the process much easier by following some simple steps. 1. Develop a resume. Check online for resume templates. Be sure to search for template for high school students. These resumes will be straightforward and simple to complete. Download the template to your computer and save it. Complete all of the required information on the template and save the newly revised file as well. It's important to keep all of your information upbeat and accurate. Print off several copies of your resume. 2. Create a cover letter. Check online for cover letter templates. Once again, be sure to look for templates that are designed for high school students. When you have completed your cover letter, use spell check to ensure that there are no errors

College Prep 101: An Outline for Success

Preparing for high school graduation takes four years of planning. It starts in freshman year and continues until you are at the end of your senior year. It includes making the best choices in courses, assignment completion, studying and extra curricular activities. 1. During your freshman year you will need to speak to your high school guidance counselor about the best courses for you future plans. You may want to go on to a university to earn a degree or you might prefer to earn a trade at a community college. Your plans may change over the next four years and it is important to be ready to redirect your courses as well. 2. Your high school guidance counselor will be able to provide you with a list of the requirements you must meet in order to follow your plans. It's important to check in with your counselor on a regular basis in order to ensure that you are taking the right courses and earning the necessary number of credits. 3. Keep track of your official grading records. You w

Easy Online College Courses

If you're planning on earning a college degree, you might want to think about taking some of your courses online. Online college classes allow you to work at your own pace from the comfort of your own room. Before you register, there are a number of points you should consider. 1. It's important to know which type of platform the college uses for providing online classes. Many colleges use the Blackboard system which enables students to communicate easily with their professors. Contact the college where you plan on taking the courses and talk to a school representative about your plans and to find out what online platform you will be using. 2. Determine which online class you want to take. When you have decided on the class you want to take, register for the course online or by phone. You will also need a credit card to pay for the course. Once you have registered, you will be given a username and password for the course. Take the time to try out these codes, to ensure that

7 Essential Decisions for Choosing Your College

Determining which college you will attend is a big decision. It's important to find an institution that will meet all of your academic needs and that will provide you with the skills you will need to enter the work world. You will also have to consider the costs of each college you are considering in order to get the best educational bang for your buck. 1. Decide which aspect of college life is most important to you. Are you looking for a particular degree or major? Do you want to attend school at a specific location? How much do you want to spend on your degree? You will need to answer these types of questions in order to refine your search. 2. Make a list of all of your strengths and interests. Add to your list all of the career options that fit with these characteristics. 3. Talk to your family and friends about your plans for college. They will be able to provide you with extra guidance through this process. 4. Contact the admissions offices of all of the colleges you would lik

What is the Best College Major For You?

When choosing your college major it's important to keep in mind that it's best to choose an area that you you have a passion for and that will enjoy studying. 1. Think about your previous class work. Whether it's other college courses or high school classes, think back to the courses you really enjoyed and found interesting. 2. Determine which professors teach the courses you will take for your major. Speak to your college advisor about the major areas that interest you. Your advisor will be able to tell you about the potential for employment from these areas of study. 3. Consider doing some internship work in a variety of areas to get some experience in different career paths. This experience will help you decide what's best fro you. 4. Take into account the course requirements for the major you are considering. Determine whether the area of study you want will take longer and cost more money to complete than a typical four year degree. 5. When you are deciding on your

Do's and Dont's For Prom Makeup

On the night of your prom you will want to look your absolute best. Before you have your hair styled, you will want to create a polished look with your makeup. You will need a few basic cosmetic products for your special night including foundation, lip color, blush, eyeliner, mascara, eye shadow, an eyelash curler and body shimmer. 1. Cleaning your skin. It's important to start with a clean face. While you are in the shower, use a face cloth and a cleanser to gently clean your face. Blot your face dry with a soft towel. Continue with your typical regime of toner and moisturizer. 2. Applying your foundation. Use a makeup sponge to apply your foundation. Be careful not to apply too much. Use this makeup for covering blemishes and adding a bit of color to your skin. Blend all of the foundation so that there are no lines on your face, jawline or neck. If you have oily skin you may want to use a face powder to set your foundation. You can also choose to use a powder bronzer to the c

4 Prom Hair Tips and Ideas

Your prom night is a special event when you get a chance to try something new with your hair. You will want to have a hair style that enhance both your facial characteristics and your outfit. There are many options for styling your hair that you can create yourself. 1. Blow drying your hair. When you have washed and conditioned your hair, you will have to blow it dry before it can be styled. Use a brush with a round bristle. Section your hair so that you are drying one part at a time. Use hair clips to hold the sections you are not drying out of the way. Brush the entire length of your hair while you blow it dry at a low heat setting. After your hair is dry, you can begin styling it the way you want. 2. Straightening your hair. A straight hair look can be dramatic if it is done properly. Plug in your flat iron and allow it to heat up completely. Section off your hair into two inch segments so that you can work on one area at a time. Apply a shine product to one section of hair. Pla

4 Essay Topics for College Admissions

During your senior year of high school you might have to write entrance essays as part of the admissions process to college. These essays will help colleges determine your ability in writing. It's important to create a piece of work that reflects your creative ability as well as your understanding of composition. Be sure to choose an essay topic that you are interested in. This will make the composition much easier to write. My Life Five Years From Now This topic provides you with the opportunity to speak about the changes you will experience in the next few years. You can speak from a future perspective, looking back on the previous half decade. Describe the things in your life that have remained the same. Contrast those points with the things in your life that have change. This comparison essay will demonstrate your abilities in personal reflection. Personal Preferences An essay topic that involves personal preferences will allow you to discuss a topic that interests you a

Getting a Good Nights Sleep in College Improves Performance

Getting the right amount of sleep is difficult for many people let alone students having to cram for exams. Not getting enough sleep can cause many problems including issues with studies. When you're in college, it's important to make a plan for getting the sleep you need. 1. Darken your room as much as possible. Make sure the curtains are drawn and both the television and computer are turned off. A dark room makes falling asleep much easier. 2. Wear earplugs . You can buy an inexpensive pair at your local drugstore. Earplugs will reduce or eliminate any noises that may be coming from other areas of your residence hall. 3. Play soft music . If you find that silence makes falling asleep difficult, put on some soft music. Create a list of relaxing music that you can play at a low level. 4. Get some comfortable bedding. Some cheap bedding products can be uncomfortable for sleeping. Invest in some quality dorm room linens that will make your sleeping experience

College Shopping Desktop Vs. Laptop Debate

Deciding which type of computer is best for you in college requires some thought. Consider the pros and cons of lap tops and desktop computers before you make your final decision. Laptop computers are lightweight, versatile and relatively inexpensive. You can easily carry them from your dorm room or apartment to your college classes.  They are a terrific note taking tool to have with you. You can either use the keyboard to type out the notes from a lecture or use the microphone to tape the lecture. You can take your laptop with you to any study group sessions you might have scheduled. You can also take your laptop into bed with you while you are relaxing in your twin xl bed sheets. Your laptop will enable you to organize your academic calendar, lecture notes, assignments and essay papers and to keep them all in one location. Unfortunately, your laptop can also be easily damaged or stolen. Traveling with your computer can lead to more situations where your device might fall

University Services to Help You Find a College Rommate

A college roommate will be someone you live with the entire school year. You will share either a small dorm room or an apartment. It's important to have a roommate that matches your personality and lifestyle so that the two of you can get along. Colleges want you to have a positive pairing where you  share a room with someone who has matching preferences so that you will have the best possible college experience. There are a variety of strategies that colleges use to pair you with the best possible roommate. Questionnaires. Some colleges use a questionnaire format to determine your likes and interests. The questions include topics about your habits and preferences regarding sleep, cleanliness and studying. It is important to complete these questionnaires with the utmost honest in order to be matched with someone who fits in with your lifestyle. If you like sleeping in late and lounging around in your dorm room linens , be honest about it. Software Programs. There are so

Move Out Day - What To Do With All Your Stuff

When it's time to move out of your dorm room or apartment, you will have to decide what you want to take with you and what you no longer need. You will probably want to get rid of   things like dorm room bedding and dishes. Determine what you want to do with the things you don't want any longer. Sell on Ebay. is an excellent resource for making money from selling the items you no  longer want. Be sure that your items are still in working order and in good condition. No one wants to pay good money for junk. Open an account on Ebay and post the items you want to sell. If you are unsure about how to word your ad or what to charge, check for comparable items on the website. Try and keep the selling time short so that you can get rid of your items as soon as possible. Hold a Yard Sale. Get together with some of your college friends and hold a group yard sale. Some colleges provide the space for selling your items at the end of the year. Check with you

Prom Night Checklist for Success

Your prom is a very important event in your life. You will remember the events of the evening for a long time. You may also take a long time to pay off the costs of the event. When you consider all of the costs of prom night, it can be an expensive experience depending on your expectations for the evening. Ticket Costs Depending on the venue that your prom committee has chosen, your tickets can range between twenty and two hundred dollars. Proms that are held in hotel ballrooms are typically more expensive than ones that are held in community centers. Most tickets will include the cost of beverages, dinner and dancing. Prom Night Dinner There are some proms that do not provide a dinner for the guests. If you are attending a prom without dinner you will have to include the cost of restaurant meal. This cost can range from twenty to fifty dollars depending on where you choose to eat. Salon Appointments Many young ladies choose to go to a salon to have their nails, h

5 Keys to College Health Insurance

While you're away at college you will need to have your own health insurance in case you become ill or injured and spend days laid up in college bedding. While no one plans on having health issues, they are a fact of life and you need to be prepared. In fact, there are a number of colleges and universities that require students to have health insurance as a condition of their enrollment. 1. Check with your parents about their plan. You can typically stay on their plan until you reach the age of 26 however you must continue to be a student in order to be eligible for the benefits.  Look into the details of the plan. Some insurance companies offer the benefits to college students so long as they remain in the same living area. 2. If you are ineligible to continue on with your parents' insurance plan you will need to look into getting coverage for yourself. There are regulations in place that require employers to continue providing health insurance for eighteen months

Best Ways to Keep in Touch for College Students and Parents

Being away at college may be the first time that you are away from your parents for any length of time. You can strengthen your relationship with them but staying connected and making arrangement to communicate on a regular basis. Here are 5 tips for college students . Phone Calls. Call your parents or have them call you. It doesn't have to be everyday but think about calling them once a week to talk to them about how things are going in both your lives. Pick a good time that works for both of your for talking on the phone. You can call at a time when you're lounging around in your twin xl bedding. By sticking to a phone schedule, you will reduce any stress about being able to communicate. It will also alleviate the need to make numerous calls through the week because you will be able to provide all of the information during one specific call.  When your parents call be sure to answer the phone. While it may seem trivial to you, it is important to them.  Emails. Whe

6 Easy Steps to Finding the Perfect College Summer Job

Working a summer job can help you earn more money to put towards your college expenses. You don't want to spend your summer months laying around in your bed. Finding the best summer job for your situation will depend on several factors. 1. Connect to Your Course Work. By working at a summer job that supports your field of study, you can gain some valuable experience for yourself and your future resume. Don't limit yourself to high level jobs. Be willing to start at the ground level. 2. Develop Your Networking Resources. Work for an organization that will provide you with a lot of network connections. It may not match your field of study but it will provide you with the connections that could you help you later in life. 3. Get Help into Grad School. Find employment with a company that could help you get into grad school. All of the work you do outside of the classroom during your undergrad experience can help you to build a strong resume that will enable you to