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Dating on College Campuses: Multiple Partners Are Rare, But Rape Is Not

The streotypes are everywhere. College is just one big party, right? How does sex amongst the collegiarte population compare with the rest of the nation? The results may surprise you.   Higher levels of education can be statistically correlated to lower numbers of sexual partners.  In fact, between eleven and twelve percent of the general population reports that they have had more than fifteen sexual partners while less than seven percent of college graduates report having that many partners. These figures seem to be in direct contrast to the idea that most college students are frequently having sex with multiple partners. According to recent polling done by the CDC, the chance of an individual being sexually active by the time they graduate from college is very high. While only about a third of high school students report that they have had vaginal intercourse, nearly two-thirds of college age adults have had sexual intercourse. By the time, these students reach grad

Eco-Dorm: 10 Easy Ways to a Greener Eco-Friendly Dorm Room

Never before has there been such awareness of the need for "greener" ways of working and living in order to preserve the future of our planet. Just about any area of life can be made "greener," and this applies to college dorm life, too. For students living in dorms who are trying to leave a smaller carbon footprint during their college years, here are 10 tips for having a more Eco-friendly dorm room: 1. Odor-free, low VOC paints. Some people love that fresh, "newly painted smell," but the truth is that most traditional paints contain lots of VOCs, or volatile organic compounds. That "new paint smell" actually means there are harmful toxins still floating around in the air. The good news is that there are environmentally friendly, odorless paints now available on the market, so if you will be painting your dorm room yourself, be sure to check those out. 2. Eco-friendly lighting. Choose LED or other Eco-friendly lighting over tra

Adjustable Split King Beds: 2 Twin Extra-Long Size Beds Combined

On the surface, the answer to "What is a split king mattress?" may seem quite simple -- but there are several different types of split king beds to choose from. No matter what your budget or your particular circumstances, there is a split king that will suit you just perfectly. Why Are Split Kings Made?   A split king is made as a solution for comfortable sleeping for a couple. The bed is divided into two sections so that each person has their own customized side of the bed. This would allow for one person to have a firm mattress while the other person has a soft one, or for one person to have an electric blanket while the other one can sleep blissfully in the chilly night air that they prefer. Sometimes a split king is made for people with medical issues so that the person needing specific medical bedding -- like a bed that sits up and reclines automatically for example -- can have it on their own side but not on the side of the person who is not in need