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Adjustable Split King Beds: 2 Twin Extra-Long Size Beds Combined

Two Twin XL Beds Make Up A Split King Bed
On the surface, the answer to "What is a split king mattress?" may seem quite simple -- but there are several different types of split king beds to choose from. No matter what your budget or your particular circumstances, there is a split king that will suit you just perfectly.

Why Are Split Kings Made?


A split king is made as a solution for comfortable sleeping for a couple. The bed is divided into two sections so that each person has their own customized side of the bed. This would allow for one person to have a firm mattress while the other person has a soft one, or for one person to have an electric blanket while the other one can sleep blissfully in the chilly night air that they prefer. Sometimes a split king is made for people with medical issues so that the person needing specific medical bedding -- like a bed that sits up and reclines automatically for example -- can have it on their own side but not on the side of the person who is not in need of it.

What Size Are Split King Mattresses?


The split king style of mattress is typically made up of two different mattresses that measure around 38 x 80 inches or 39 x 80 inches each. The measurement for each side of the bed is equal to the size of a twin extra-long size mattress would be. The total measurement for the split king mattress is generally in the range of 78 inches wide x 80 inches long.

Split King Sheets Wtih Two Fitted Twin XL SheetsIs It Two Beds or One?


The split king bed is actually two beds, but they are conjoined. When you are laying on a split king mattress and you run your hands across the center of the bed you will be able to tell that there is a division in most cases but it will not be a very large or noticeable one. In order for the split king mattress to function as efficiently as possible for its intended purpose, each mattress has to be totally independent of the other while still being joined with the other physically. Although there are two separate mattresses, you will not need to worry about a large gap forming or about falling in between the mattresses because the two mattresses have been joined together with the goal of functioning as one single unit physically while working as two unique units mechanically.

Options in Split King Beds


Split king beds have a variety of options, with perhaps the most basic of these being the different mattress types. Many couples prefer a very different type of mattress. This is common among couples because after all two people quite rarely have the same exact sleep habits and what one person finds to be the ultimate in comfort will make another person miserable. The split king mattress can be ordered in nearly any combination of mattresses you can imagine. One side can be the softest cloud of a mattress while the other can be the firmest mattress available. Perhaps a wife who enjoys an extremely soft bed shares a bed with her husband who is in need of a very firm mattress due to problems in his lower back. With a split king size bed, both members of the couple can have their needs met without interfering with the other person's comfort and sleep.

Another popular option in split king beds today is the adjustable option. Buyers can choose to have either one side of the bed or both sides of the bed made as an adjustable bed. This is perfect for people who are sick or patients who need an adjustable bed following a hospital stay. These adjustable beds are controlled by a simple remote that moves the side of the bed that it is associated with into upright, flat, and all positions in between. Couples who include one ill member who needs to sleep practically upright, or who needs help raising out of bed, may really appreciate this option in split king beds.

Split King Size Sheets

Your Choice: Split King Bed For You


The split king for you really is a very person choice. Be sure to do your research before you buy: There are so many different types of mattresses to choose from that you want to be sure to choose something you and your partner will both be happy with for years to come. This can be a major investment but couples who have tried it feel this was a more than worthwhile investment!


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