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Dorm Room Essentials Checklist

Figuring out just what to bring to college might be the single most stressful thing that any college student goes through. How do you pack an entire 18 years of your life into one room, or better yet.....half of one room. We've put together this checklist to try and relieve some of the stress, enjoy.         Bedroom Alarm Clock/Cell Phone: Always make sure you have a tool to wake you up in the morning for those dreaded 8AM classes. We recommend keeping it out of reaching distance to avoid shutting it off in your sleep. Calendar/Bulletin Board: One of the most difficult things in college is staying organized. Use these to keep track of homework, tests or big events. Clothing/Hangers: Well this one might seem pretty obvious. Try not to bring your whole closet, most likely the closet you'll be sharing is much smaller than the one you have at home. Computer: If you have the money, a laptop can be the best investment you can make in college. It will save s

Big School vs. Small School

 What's best for you? You're in your senior year of high school, now its time to plan out the rest of your life...seems impossible right? Where does the search for college even start? Well the first step is choosing whether or not you want to attend a big university , small school, or somewhere in between. Big Schools University of Minnesota: home to over 51,000 students You might ask, just how big? A normal state school is anywhere from 20,000 students to 50,000. Looking at this number it might be a little overwhelming but there are some things to consider. Such as the number of undergraduates vs. graduate students, or how many students are in your specific department. Some schools separate themselves into sub-colleges to the point where their class sizes are no different from the small schools. Benefits: Diverse groups of people Wide variety of majors and programs More acclaimed sports programs and nationally