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History of The College Dorm Room

For centuries now, the college experience has long been associated with living in dormitories. From the first university in the United States the modern colleges and universities of today, students have had the opportunity and experience of living with one another at a pivotal time in their lives. All students in dorms are relatively young, typically between 18 and 23 years old, and all of them have a goal of getting a degree in mind. It's an experience that defines those first moments in an adult life, and that helps students learn the importance of responsibility, the benefit of independence and the joys of student camaraderie. However, while the general experience has remained the same, the dorms themselves have changed a lot over the years. From the archaic and cold buildings that were built hundreds of years ago to the modern dorms of today that more closely resemble resorts, the style and feel of college dorms has continued to change over time. The Very Fi

College Shop & Pack Checklist

We're going to assume that books, tuition and transportation have all been paid for. If you don't know that you need to put aside some cash for all of that, then you're not ready to start reading this list yet. Now, every college experience is different. Whether you're studying advanced mathematics or literature, art or business, your experience in college is probably going to be unique to anyone else's, so the following isn't just one simple checklist , but a series of checklists based on the various types of colleges and living situations you might be experiencing, starting with what we all need. FURNISHING Make sure that your dorm room doesn't come with furnishings before you put the money down on it. Some dorm rooms will provide you with a desk, a bookshelf, etc. Mini-Fridge Microwave Small Desk Bookshelf Laundry Hamper Bedsheets Blanket Pillow Mattress Pad Office Chair Dresser or Foot Locker TOILETRIES You'll want

Extravagance & Luxury: The New Face of College Dorm Living

Today's college students expect to be treated on par with renters if they live on campus and may go elsewhere if they do not get high-quality housing, according Going "elsewhere" may mean living off campus, but since nearly 70 percent of students rely on living on campus and most freshmen are required to, students are considering housing options as a major factor in selecting the school they attend. Colleges have realized that the old-style dorms with shared bedrooms, shared bathrooms and few amenities are no longer acceptable to prospective students. Many schools now offer luxury living to attract new students, much to the dismay of their parents or whoever has to pay for the rising costs of a college education. The so-called Echo-boomer generation grew up in a different environment than their Baby Boomer parents. Most Echo-boomers had fewer siblings and more disposable income, leading to higher expectations of privacy and comfort. Whereas a Baby