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Everything You Need to Know: Twin XL Sheets

The Purpose of Twin XL Bed Sheets Bed sheets provide a protective layer against bacteria and dirt between a mattress and the person sleeping on it, as well as a covering and comfortable layer for the sleeper. A typical set of bed sheets includes a fitted sheet that stretches tightly over a mattress, typically secured with the use of elastic in the edging. The fitted portion reaches over the top mattress, but not extending to the box springs if applicable, and covers the sides of the mattress for extra protection against grime. A flat sheet, also known as a top sheet, is named so as it is flat without the elastic of a fitted sheet. The flat sheet covers a person who is in a bed, providing a layer of comfort and warmth between the person and their blankets. Typically a flat sheet is tucked into the base end of the mattress, so to prevent it from pulling up out of place when a person is sleeping. Sheets come in a variety of fabrics, prints, colors and styles. By looking a