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Top 15 College Harlem Shake Videos

Last year, there was Gangnam Style; today it's the Harlem Shake. Has your school caught this latest craze? If not, be inspired by how colleges around the US and Canada are doing the Harlem Shake. Here are the Top 15 College Harlem Shake Videos: 1. The University of Guelph Does the Harlem Shake Right .  There may be more than a foot of snow on the ground at this Ontario Canada campus, but the moves are HOT. 2. Harlem Shake at Colorado College in Colorado Springs . The students at Colorado College ask: who says that libraries are supposed to be quiet?" 3. The Oregon Duck Struts his Stuff. The University of Oregon mascot leaves the locker room and proves he has the moves--on and off the field. 4. The BIGGEST Harlem Shake at the University of Texas at Austin. The students at UT in Austin stage the biggest shake to date. It just proves that everything IS bigger in Texas. 5. Harlem Shake Pool Party at Carthage College in Kenosha, Wisconsin . When the

History of The Harlem Shake Timeline

In Rucker Park, NY in 1981, a street ball tournament was in full swing. Called the Entertainer's Basketball Classic, it was founded in 1980 to feature the best street players and notable basketball players in that profession. People would flock to Rucker Park for some thrilling entertainment for over 25 years. This street ball tournament also attracted a man calling himself Al B. Al B was a Harlem resident who would wait for the breaks between basketball tournaments. He would walk onto the court and do his unique style of dancing that involved shaking his arms and doing jerky movements of the upper body. His dance caught on with the spectators, as it was soon called the "Albee" in the areas of Harlem and Rucker. When asked about the dance, Al B has been quoted to say that the dance moves are in many ways a drunken shake, much like what alcoholics would do. He credited the ancient Egyptians with the dance move, saying it was what mummies would do when wrap

College Student Drinking & Driving, Negative Effects On GPA

Drinking and Driving has serious consequences and risks. Unfortunately many Americans including college students do it every day. Many people think that because they have only had a little to drink or are not going very far that it is not a big deal. But the truth is that it is a very big deal. Drunk driving has serious consequences. It is one of the leading causes of death among college age young adults, and has been attributed to 1,400 fatalities every year . The consequences are not just limited to death either. It is also the cause of a half million injuries among colleges students every year. Drunk driving can cause serious injuries to the driver, passengers, people in other cars, and pedestrians. Some of the worst consequences of drunk driving are not physical. There are emotional, psychological, and other consequences. After an accident, the driver may feel guilt over the pain and suffering they have caused others. There may be consequences because of a loss