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Twin XL Comforters A Must For Warm Bedding

A good set of twin XL comforters are a must if you have guest beds that are often used by friends and family during the holiday season. Who among us hasn't spent the night at a relatives house, only to have a very poor night's sleep because there wasn't enough bedding? With the purchase of twin XL comforters for your guest room, no longer will you have to worry about the comfort of your friends and family. Twin XL comforters also make great gifts for the young adult or student in your family. Whether it's birthdays, the holidays, graduation or congratulations on a new job in the big city, a nice set of twin XL comforters will be a welcome and thoughtful gift. Most college dorms are outfitted with twin XL sized beds, and twin XL comforters are a perfect fit. They're a bit bigger than regular twin sized bedding, but not quite as large as bedding made for double beds or queen sized beds. In a cramped urban apartment, most young adults purchase a twin XL bed, bec

XL Twin Bed The Perfect Choice For Cabins and Dormitories

If you are the owner of a mountain cabin, summer cottage, lake house, hunting camp, or scout camp, you should consider getting an xl twin bed. Installing an xl twin bed can be a great way to save space, save money, while still ensuring that your guests will be comfortable and have a great night's sleep. All of us have stayed at a camp or cottage at one point or another, and most of us complain about what an uncomfortable night's sleep we got. We most likely didn't spend the night in an xl twin bed , or we would remember having a much more pleasant experience. Hiking and skiing, camping and hunting, or having fun at the lake are all hard work. You deserve to rest at the end of the day, and with an xl twin bed, you can sleep soundly with the extra room that you'll enjoy in comparison to sleeping on a standard sized twin bed. The length and width of an xl twin bed are a bit bigger, so that you'll be far more comfortable, yet the xl twin bed won't take up as

College Dorm Beds Differ From Standard Twin Beds

You might think that any size twin sheet set will be suitable for a college or over-sized twin bed, but knowing the differences between XL Twin Sheets and standard sized twin sheets can save you a lot of frustration in the long run. Before you buy a gift for the college student in your life, consider this important information about a college dorm bed . Most “average sized” college students are far too big for standard sized twin beds. The students are much taller, and their legs stick out way past the end of the bed! But in a college dorm, space is of course very limited. In most dorms, a standard full sized bed just won't work, and this is why college administrators decided to find a happy medium, and have standardized the use of beds that need XL twin sheets . Between paying for transportation, expensive textbooks, food and other important expenses, many college students don't have the extra money to buy new bedding. But many would appreciate a thoughtful gift of brand new X

Consider Extra Long Sheets For Your Next Bedding Purchase

Purchasing extra long sheets could be the best decision you make in bedding. Not only are extra long sheets great for people who are a little bit taller, but you can use them on the couch or futon for guests, and they're great for air mattresses when you're camping or traveling away from home. In a lot of cases, extra long sheets are the smart buy. If you're looking for a set of spare bedding to keep around the house for when guests spend the night, you should strongly consider buying a set of extra long sheets to have on hand. Your guests will be a lot more comfortable, and will sleep a lot better, if they don't have to keep pulling the sheets up during the night. We can all remember a time we spent the night at a friend or relative's house, and had a terrible night's sleep! Make your guest bed, pull out couch or futon that much more hospitable with extra long sheets. Extra long sheets are also a great buy for your camper, RV, or hunting camps. With extra long

College Bedding Makes a Great Gift

If you have a friend or family member who is currently living in a dorm, you might want to consider buying college bedding the next time you need to buy the person a present. Whether the gift is for Christmas, Chanukah, a birthday or a “just because” occasion, college bedding is a useful, practical and fun present for students of all ages. College bedding can include anything from a set of extra long twin size sheets to cozy comforters. Students living in dorms don’t usually change their sheets as frequently as they should, but it’s usually not out of laziness or lack of laundry quarters. Most students simply don’t have more than one set of sheets! When money is tight, as is the case with many college students, it can be hard to set aside money to buy college bedding. When the choice is between buying food or buying college bedding, just about everyone would spend their last few dollars getting something to eat. As a result, few students have more than one set of extra long twin sheet