College Bedding Makes a Great Gift

If you have a friend or family member who is currently living in a dorm, you might want to consider buying college bedding the next time you need to buy the person a present. Whether the gift is for Christmas, Chanukah, a birthday or a “just because” occasion, college bedding is a useful, practical and fun present for students of all ages.

College bedding can include anything from a set of extra long twin size sheets to cozy comforters. Students living in dorms don’t usually change their sheets as frequently as they should, but it’s usually not out of laziness or lack of laundry quarters. Most students simply don’t have more than one set of sheets!

When money is tight, as is the case with many college students, it can be hard to set aside money to buy college bedding. When the choice is between buying food or buying college bedding, just about everyone would spend their last few dollars getting something to eat. As a result, few students have more than one set of extra long twin sheets.

Before buying a loved one a new set of college bedding, it’s important to note the difference between standard sheet sizes and their XL twin sheet counterparts. Most colleges don’t keep standard twin sized beds in their dorms, because students tend to be too tall (or just too big) for the beds. Since full sized beds would be more expensive and take up significantly more room in the tiny dorms, they opt for extra long twin beds instead.

Thankfully, there doesn’t seem to be a shortage of the right sized college bedding in stores. You can find college bedding online or retailers such as Target, Walmart, and Bed, Bath & Beyond. If you can’t find a print or thread count that you like, a good source is Just remember, you’re not looking for a regular twin size, you need extra long twin size for college bedding!

Another thing to consider before purchasing college bedding is the climate of the student’s location. If your loved one is going to college in the North East, for example, you might want to consider getting flannel extra long twin sheets – they’ll be warmer in the winter than standard cotton sheets. Conversely, if the person is in college in Hawaii, you might want to go for cooler sheet options.

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