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Winter Bedding for Your Dorm Room

Light, bright and airy cotton sheets and light bedspreads are perfect for the summer, but when late fall and winter weather sets in, it's time to change your bedding to fit the season. If you live in a climate where there is a dramatic temperature change in winter, your sheets and bedding should reflect these changes. Selecting the right bedding can mean the difference between feeling uncomfortable at night and getting a great night's sleep, and what works for you can vary quite a bit from season to season. When you're fully rested, everything in life just flows better -- your studies, your social life, your overall mood. You spend a full 1/3 of your life sleeping -- you should do so in comfort and style! However, buying new sheets and bedding for the winter season can be confusing if it's your first time doing so. Here are some pointers to get you started with the ins and outs of winter bedding: The Down Comforter   A warm, soft goose down comfor

More Scholarships Than Ever Before: Focus on Scholarships Targeting Your Skills and Demographic

The word “scholarship” brings to mind many things. Basically it’s money to pay for school. More specifically, it’s free money that someone gives you to go to school. Who gives away money to go to school and who is receiving it? The answer to that is, more people than ever before! There are more scholarship opportunities than you can probably imagine. And there are more people are going to school and need money than ever before. The cost of education continues to increase and so does the demand for scholarship funds. Who Gets Scholarships? According to the National Post Secondary Student Aid Study (NPSAS), over 70% of the scholarship recipients are students at four-year colleges. Most of the recipients were full-time students. The amount of the scholarship awards have also increased over the past ten years. While there are more people competing for scholarships, there are also more scholarship dollars in the pool. In this competitive arena, who gets the scholarsh

The Rising Cost of College: Fighting Student Debt

It's estimated that as many as 70 percent of high school graduates attend college within two years after their high school days are over. Based on this number, one can conclude that more students are attending college than ever before. This is partially due to the lack of domestic manufacturing compared to 30 years ago, when one could make a comfortable living working in a factory or on an automotive assembly line. Yes, college is becoming more of a necessity as employers are requiring at least some sort of higher education in order to be considered for jobs. However, with more students attending college than ever before, college is also more expensive than ever before. American universities are increasing tuition rates on an annual basis, forcing students to graduate with massive student loan debt, get jobs to help offset rising costs and even attend community colleges for two years to save money on tuition costs before transferring to a four-year university.