3 Reasons Why College Students Love Coming Back Home For The Holidays


1Free Laundry

      No more using those pesky rolls of quarters. Knowing that you can bring all of your dirty laundry home without having to pay for it is a wonderful feeling. Nobody really likes doing laundry but when you don’t have to pay to wash and dry each load with quarters, it makes it much easier. Having said that, one of the most useful gifts you can get from a relative is not cash, but rather a roll of quarters.

Balancing your TIme in College

College is a very unique time in a young person’s life. For many, it’s the first time that they will be moving away from their parents and out in the world on their own. College is much different than high school. Undoubtedly, the first thing that you will notice is the workload.

#FortOnFleek Challenge by DormBedding.com

#FortOnFleek Challenge Infographic - Steps to Win $1000

TwinXL is proud to announce a new and exciting offer from DormBedding.com The $1000 #FortOnFleek Challenge Scholarship open to students across the country. As a fellow college linens provider, we understand the importance of education and want to spread awareness for institutions who support education in America.

The challenge asks students to build a fort out sheets and blankets and post a photo of their creation on Instagram or Facebook. Pretty easy, right? After they post a photo they must tag #FortOnFleek and @DormBedding in order to be entered into the contest. If students choose to tag their friends and one of their friends wins, that student gets $200!

The contest is open until September 15, so get building! We, as well as DormBedding.com, are excited to see all the submissions and hope we can make a difference in the lives of the winning student.

For full contest rules visit the #FortOnFleek Challenge website.

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Dorm Room Essentials - 2015 Edition!

College Dorm Room
Image via www.interiorclip.com
It's that time of the year again. High school students across the country have closed their books and are moving onto college. With summer in full swing and move-in date for freshman year fast approaching, you need to start thinking about what to bring to college and what to leave at home. This list of dorm room essentials will help you get started in making your dorm room more comfortable so you can focus on more important things... soaking up the summer sun!

Making the Most of Your Space

For most freshman students, moving into the dorms is a big adjustment. This is the first time you will be living on your own and many comforts from home are gone. One of the biggest obstacles in dorm life is learning to live in a small space with a lot of people! Therefore, it is important to maximize the most of the space you have!


Moving your whole life into a small room is tough, so creating storage space is a must! If your room doesn't come with a closet and dresser, these tips will help you pack your belongings with ease.

Studio 3B™ 4-Piece USB Bed Lift Set
An easy way to create space in a dorm room is to lift your bed. By lifting your bed, you open up all the space under the bed for storage. This makes room for clothing bins, sliding drawers, or even a shoe rack. We love this four-piece lifting set from Bed Bath & Beyond which provides two power outlets and USB outlets. Look for products like this when shopping as they add new function to an already existent part of the room!

Other space saving tricks like this include door hangers or organizers to use as a coat rack, hang towels, or organize shoes.


Keeping it Comfortable

While the dorm lifestyle may not be the most lavish way to live, making your space comfortable can make a small room much more enjoyable.


The most important part of your room is the bed and you want this to be comfortable. It all starts with gathering the right bedding essentials. Keys to a good nights rest before your next big exam come down to a nice mattress pad, soft sheets, and cozy comforter. After you've gathered these essentials finish off the bed with soft pillows and a comfortable blanket.

College Down Alternative Pillow SetCollege Basket Weave Blankets

Twin XL's luxurious basket weave blankets make the perfect edition to any college student's bed.

Living in Style

Add some personality to your room by choosing a patterned comforter or rug. This is the first step to making your room feel like a home. Find these products an others at TwinXL.com

Blue College Dorm Room