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Exciting Bedding and a Comforterable Mattress Add Up to a Better Offers College Bedding That Students Get Excited About. July 30, 2012 - Study shows clean and comfortable sheets can improve college students GPA performance by improving sleep. Online retailer, specializes in twin XL college beds, and offers students the best chance to improve sleep quality with broad selection guaranteed to last until graduation. A University of Minnesota study published in an issue of Sentience, the U of M undergraduate journal of psychology says quantity of sleep is “significantly” correlated to a student’s grade-point average. The U of M researchers defined sleep deprivation as “functioning with less than five hours of sleep from the previous night.” Researchers   found a negative impact on GPA among students who slept for five hours or less a number of nights during the week. In an Interview for Harvard Medical School’s “Get Sleep” website, renowned sleep researcher Robert Stickgold   noted that learning involves acquiring, proc

Hang on to Your XL Sheets - College Students Living on Campus Longer

July 29, 2012 - According to online reports from colleges and universities around the nation as well as a recent national report about residence hall needs, students are continuing to live on campus well beyond their sophomore year. With students increasingly living on campus, purchasing quality extra-long twin sheets has become paramount. , an online retailer specializing in extra-long twin sheets, guarantees its bedding through graduation . The 2012 “Living on Campus” report published by College Planning & Management discovered that increases in numbers of students living on 209 campuses in 45 states exceed decreases. 31% of the institutions that responded to its survey noted an increase in students residing on campus   3% of the institutions have housing surpluses, while 43% are experiencing shortages 62% of the institutions polled are renovating or upgrading housing facilities. Nearly 75% of the institutions surveyed actively market their on-campus housing

So You're Gonna Be A College Athlete: How to Be a Champion On The Field & In The Classroom

Summer is halfway over. Soon, you're going to be starting college for real and playing a college sport for which a coach actually recruited you. Let's assume the sport is baseball. Let's further assume that you haven't been recruited to play at the University of Miami, Stanford, the University of Virginia or the winner of this year's College World Series . You're an above-average player and, according to the slots available and probabilities, you're probably in a NCAA Division III program. (Even if you're in a fairly big time Division I program, you might want to finish reading this article. A significant number of you guys get tired of being bench jockeys and transfer to D III's for playing time and the ability to be a stud player in a small pond.) Status Check - What the NCAA Calls You The NCAA refers to you as a " student athlete " in all its many publications, forms, notifications and rulebooks. The term is never