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July 30, 2012 - Study shows clean and comfortable sheets can improve college students GPA performance by improving sleep. Online retailer TwinXL.com, specializes in twin XL college beds, and offers students the best chance to improve sleep quality with broad selection guaranteed to last until graduation.

A University of Minnesota study published in an issue of Sentience, the U of M undergraduate journal of psychology says quantity of sleep is “significantly” correlated to a student’s grade-point average. The U of M researchers defined sleep deprivation as “functioning with less than five hours of sleep from the previous night.” Researchers  found a negative impact on GPA among students who slept for five hours or less a number of nights during the week.
In an Interview for Harvard Medical School’s “Get Sleep” website, renowned sleep researcher Robert Stickgold  noted that learning involves acquiring, processing and recalling information. He said that lack of sleep affects all three, but particularly harms consolidation, the phase during which the brain connects new information to old and retains understanding.

Stickgold said that following up a learning experience, such as a lecture, with a night of no sleep virtually erases processing of new information — sort of a delayed “in one ear and out the other” response.

Some universities are trying to lessen the problem by educating students about the benefits of good sleep habits, which are sometimes referred to as “sleep hygiene.”

Last school year Brown University and the University of Arizona launched an on-campus media campaign to educate students about why and how to improve sleep. Survey results indicate nearly 10 percent of students polled said the media campaign successfully helped them learn how to sleep better. Tips included in the campaign and echoed by other schools and sleep experts, include:

According to sleep psychologist Dr. Michael Breus, PhD, having a comfortable mattress, sheets and other bedding can also help ensure a good night’s sleep. Dr. Breus says that a “welcoming bed” can improve the quality of sleep. Referring to a “Bedroom Poll” survey by the National Sleep Foundation, he states that clean sheets caused 78 percent of the adult respondents (ages 25 to 55) in the NSF survey to feel “excited” about bedtime. Breus suggests investing in extra sets of sheets and washing them often.

Sending a student a new set of twin extra-long sheets, already laundered and smelling fragrant, is a gentle, diplomatic way for parents to encourage more sleep.

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