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Are you going to college or currently in college? Don’t wait until it is too late – begin your shopping now.

With college, starting just around the corner it would be a great idea to start choosing your dorm accessories because in the next couple of weeks you are probably going to become overwhelmed by important decisions you are going to have to make for yourself and your future. For instance, which dorm, which classes, which meal plan, what career path should you focus on? With all these things to consider, you are going to need lots of energy and a clear head so you can focus. So don’t waste any more time - now is the best time to start choosing your bedding. At , we help thousands of families each year prepare for college. Visit us today; you will receive 10% off on selected items and Free Shipping with any order of $75.00+.

Did you know…?

A recent study on college students sleeping habits revealed, only 11% of college students get a good night sleep, 73% of college students suffer from sleep problems and the other 16% are not affected at all from any type of sleep problems at all. Researchers also concluded in this study that comfortable bedding and sheets made a huge impact on how well the college students slept at night. The study found that college students who had quality bedding and sheets that were soft and comfortable were able to get a good night sleep compared to students who had sheets that were not as soft and high in quality. Researchers confirmed that choosing the right bedding, sheets and mattress covers can improve a student’s ability to get a good night sleep. The study also concluded that soft bedding and sheets could help students who live in a dorm get better grades because good nights sleep can help students focus and concentrate better.