6 Easy Steps to Finding the Perfect College Summer Job

5/05/2012 0 Comments

Working a summer job can help you earn more money to put towards your college expenses. You don't want to spend your summer months laying around in your bed. Finding the best summer job for your situation will depend on several factors.

1. Connect to Your Course Work. By working at a summer job that supports your field of study, you can gain some valuable experience for yourself and your future resume. Don't limit yourself to high level jobs. Be willing to start at the ground level.

2. Develop Your Networking Resources. Work for an organization that will provide you with a lot of network connections. It may not match your field of study but it will provide you with the connections that could you help you later in life.

3. Get Help into Grad School. Find employment with a company that could help you get into grad school. All of the work you do outside of the classroom during your undergrad experience can help you to build a strong resume that will enable you to get accepted into the grad school of your choice.

4. Get in at Ground Level. If you know precisely where you want to work when you have completed all of your studies, look for work at the ground level of that organization. Your initial pay and hours may not be top notch but you will be able to build connections that will help you to move up the ladder within the organization.

5. Get Great Benefits. Look for work within a company that provides superb benefits. Health insurance is one benefit in particular that can make your life much easier. If possible, find a position that will allow you to keep working through the academic year so that you can maintain the benefits offered.

6. Have Fun. If you have had a particularly stressful year, consider finding a job that will allow you some time to explore your creative side. A job that requires creative skills will be enjoyable and will make the time you are working pass quickly.