Best Ways to Keep in Touch for College Students and Parents

5/06/2012 0 Comments

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Being away at college may be the first time that you are away from your parents for any length of time. You can strengthen your relationship with them but staying connected and making arrangement to communicate on a regular basis. Here are 5 tips for college students.

Phone Calls. Call your parents or have them call you. It doesn't have to be everyday but think about calling them once a week to talk to them about how things are going in both your lives. Pick a good time that works for both of your for talking on the phone. You can call at a time when you're lounging around in your twin xl bedding. By sticking to a phone schedule, you will reduce any stress about being able to communicate. It will also alleviate the need to make numerous calls through the week because you will be able to provide all of the information during one specific call.  When your parents call be sure to answer the phone. While it may seem trivial to you, it is important to them. 

Emails. When talking on the phone becomes too difficult, send off a quick email to let your parents know you are thinking about them. Emails can be sent everyday because they usually require only a bit of time and effort to send. Whenever possible, add photos to your emails. Your parents will be happy to see you in your campus world doing things with your friends.

Instant Messages. Use your computer to communicate online. You can send instant messages to your parents that will allow you to have a text conversation. Set up a webcam so that you and your parents can see each other while you are talking.

Text Messages. Send out a short text to let your parents know about important events at school. You can tell them about the grades you are getting on your papers and exams or let them know about upcoming events of the day.