What is the Best College Major For You?

5/20/2012 0 Comments

When choosing your college major it's important to keep in mind that it's best to choose an area that
you you have a passion for and that will enjoy studying.

1. Think about your previous class work. Whether it's other college courses or high school classes,
think back to the courses you really enjoyed and found interesting.

2. Determine which professors teach the courses you will take for your major. Speak to your college
advisor about the major areas that interest you. Your advisor will be able to tell you about the potential
for employment from these areas of study.

3. Consider doing some internship work in a variety of areas to get some experience in different career
paths. This experience will help you decide what's best fro you.

4. Take into account the course requirements for the major you are considering. Determine whether
the area of study you want will take longer and cost more money to complete than a typical four year

5. When you are deciding on your major, be sure to consider the various careers that you can work in
through your studies. You will want to choose a major area of study that will offer you a job that you
will enjoy and that will pay you appropriately for your expertise. You will want to be sure you have the
skills to earn the amount of money to cover the costs of the lifestyle you want.

6. Keep in mind that it's important to be flexible throughout the decision making process of choosing
your major area of study at college. While your first degree is a stepping stone to the next stage in your
life, it is not the end of your career path. You will have many opportunities to study other areas and
change your career if you want.