Do's and Dont's For Prom Makeup

5/19/2012 0 Comments

On the night of your prom you will want to look your absolute best. Before you have your hair styled,
you will want to create a polished look with your makeup. You will need a few basic cosmetic products
for your special night including foundation, lip color, blush, eyeliner, mascara, eye shadow, an eyelash
curler and body shimmer.

1. Cleaning your skin. It's important to start with a clean face. While you are in the shower, use a face
cloth and a cleanser to gently clean your face. Blot your face dry with a soft towel. Continue with your
typical regime of toner and moisturizer.

2. Applying your foundation. Use a makeup sponge to apply your foundation. Be careful not to apply
too much. Use this makeup for covering blemishes and adding a bit of color to your skin. Blend all of
the foundation so that there are no lines on your face, jawline or neck. If you have oily skin you may
want to use a face powder to set your foundation. You can also choose to use a powder bronzer to the
contours of your face.

3. Adding color to your features. Begin by adding color to your eyes. Use a soft pencil to line the outer
areas of your lids. Apply a shadow to your lids that will complement your eyes. Carefully lengthen and
color your lashes with mascara. Use your eyelash curler to add shape to your lashes. Add a soft color
the apples of your cheeks with a powder blush. Finally add color to your lips.

4. When you are happy with the look you have created with your makeup, apply a body shimmer
product to your neck, shoulders, chest and arms. Gently wash the shimmer off of your hands before you
go to put on your prom dress.