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College Prep 101: An Outline for Success

Preparing for high school graduation takes four years of planning. It starts in freshman year and
continues until you are at the end of your senior year. It includes making the best choices in courses,
assignment completion, studying and extra curricular activities.

1. During your freshman year you will need to speak to your high school guidance counselor about the
best courses for you future plans. You may want to go on to a university to earn a degree or you might
prefer to earn a trade at a community college. Your plans may change over the next four years and it is
important to be ready to redirect your courses as well.

2. Your high school guidance counselor will be able to provide you with a list of the requirements you
must meet in order to follow your plans. It's important to check in with your counselor on a regular
basis in order to ensure that you are taking the right courses and earning the necessary number of

3. Keep track of your official grading records. You will want to know what your grade point average is
and how to go about improving it. Your grade point average could be a determining factor in whether
or not you are accepted at the college of your choice.

4. Keep the lines of communication open with your parents. They can give you a great deal of guidance
throughout your high school career. They can also assist you in completing your college application
forms. You will want to send out these applications in your junior year of high school.
5. Get help in taking standardized tests. The ACT and the SAT are important assessment tools that
colleges and universities use to determine if you are a good candidate for their institutions. Take as
many practice sessions as possible in order to increase your results on your official test.


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