4 Prom Hair Tips and Ideas

5/19/2012 0 Comments

Your prom night is a special event when you get a chance to try something new with your hair. You
will want to have a hair style that enhance both your facial characteristics and your outfit. There are
many options for styling your hair that you can create yourself.

1. Blow drying your hair. When you have washed and conditioned your hair, you will have to blow it
dry before it can be styled. Use a brush with a round bristle. Section your hair so that you are drying
one part at a time. Use hair clips to hold the sections you are not drying out of the way. Brush the entire
length of your hair while you blow it dry at a low heat setting. After your hair is dry, you can begin
styling it the way you want.

2. Straightening your hair. A straight hair look can be dramatic if it is done properly. Plug in your flat
iron and allow it to heat up completely. Section off your hair into two inch segments so that you can
work on one area at a time. Apply a shine product to one section of hair. Place the hair between the
plates of the flat iron. Begin as close to the scalp as possible without burning yourself. Slide the flat
iron down the length of your hair. Continue with all of the other sections.

3. Twisting your hair. You can add some texture to your hair by twisting it into place. Section off your
hair into the segments you want. Take one section at a time and twist it in one direction until the entire
length has been turned. Use hair pins to secure the twisted hair into place. Continue with all of the
other sections. Use a hair spray product to hold the style for the evening.

4. Creating an updo style. If you are looking for a more formal look, you can create a sophisticated
updo style. Start by pulling your hair into a pony tail. Don't secure the pony tail into place. Twist the
pony tail in one direction and then turn the ends behind the roll. Use hair pins to secure french roll in
place. Apply hair spray to hold the updo throughout the evening.