5 Keys to College Health Insurance

5/07/2012 0 Comments

While you're away at college you will need to have your own health insurance in case you become ill or injured and spend days laid up in college bedding. While no one plans on having health issues, they are a fact of life and you need to be prepared. In fact, there are a number of colleges and universities that require students to have health insurance as a condition of their enrollment.

1. Check with your parents about their plan. You can typically stay on their plan until you reach the age of 26 however you must continue to be a student in order to be eligible for the benefits.  Look into the details of the plan. Some insurance companies offer the benefits to college students so long as they remain in the same living area.

2. If you are ineligible to continue on with your parents' insurance plan you will need to look into getting coverage for yourself. There are regulations in place that require employers to continue providing health insurance for eighteen months after an employee has a left a position. If you have recently left a job, check to see if you are eligible for this benefit.

3. Look into getting health insurance coverage through your college or university. Many of these institutions offer benefits to their students at an affordable rate. Visit the admissions office of your college and speak with a representative about purchasing a plan.

4. Purchase your own coverage. You may have to buy your coverage if your college does not provide this service. You can check your local yellow pages or online for a reputable insurance broker who can help you get the coverage you need at an affordable price.

5. Get your coverage through Medicaid. Medicaid offers insurance coverage to people who meet certain income requirements. You can speak with your insurance department of your state to get more information.