4 Essay Topics for College Admissions

5/18/2012 0 Comments

During your senior year of high school you might have to write entrance essays as part of the
admissions process to college. These essays will help colleges determine your ability in writing. It's
important to create a piece of work that reflects your creative ability as well as your understanding
of composition. Be sure to choose an essay topic that you are interested in. This will make the
composition much easier to write.

My Life Five Years From Now

This topic provides you with the opportunity to speak about the changes you will experience in the
next few years. You can speak from a future perspective, looking back on the previous half decade.
Describe the things in your life that have remained the same. Contrast those points with the things in
your life that have change. This comparison essay will demonstrate your abilities in personal reflection.

Personal Preferences

An essay topic that involves personal preferences will allow you to discuss a topic that interests you
a great deal. The composition will begin with a personal experience that introduces the reader to you.
This type of essay blends research with expository writing in an informal personal text.

Life Changes

A narrative essay that describes experiences in your life that changed you will display your ability to
produce descriptive writing. This composition will also enable you to introduce yourself to the board
that is making the final decision on your admission and financial assistance possibilities.

World Travels

This essay will enable you to demonstrate your ability to persuade the reader and defend your choices.
You can choose any location that you would like to visit. Describe the physical and cultural features of
the area and explain why you would visit that destination. Keep your writing as descriptive as possible
so that the reader is better able to picture the location.