University Services to Help You Find a College Rommate

5/11/2012 0 Comments

A college roommate will be someone you live with the entire school year. You will share either a small dorm room or an apartment. It's important to have a roommate that matches your personality and lifestyle so that the two of you can get along. Colleges want you to have a positive pairing where you  share a room with someone who has matching preferences so that you will have the best possible college experience. There are a variety of strategies that colleges use to pair you with the best possible roommate.

Questionnaires. Some colleges use a questionnaire format to determine your likes and interests. The questions include topics about your habits and preferences regarding sleep, cleanliness and studying. It is important to complete these questionnaires with the utmost honest in order to be matched with someone who fits in with your lifestyle. If you like sleeping in late and lounging around in your dorm room linens, be honest about it.

Software Programs. There are software programs that take personal information and match students based on similar lifestyle patterns. You will be asked to answer questions about your preferences and habits. Once again it is important to be completely honest for the system to find you the best possible roommate.

In Person. Some institutions use expertise of the residence staff to match up students. This strategy is more successful in smaller schools with smaller student populations.

Choose Your Own. A system that enables students to list the people they want for roommates is also used in some colleges. Each student writes down one or more potential roommate names on their residence application. When the names match on two applications, the students are placed together in a residence room. is a great way to find roommates for off campus housing situations. Be sure to take caution when meeting a roommate off of Craigslist for the first time. 

Regardless of the strategy used by your college, keep in mind that you and your roommate will be most likely have a lot in common and that you will have an entire year to enjoy together.