Job Tips for Soon to Be College Students

5/24/2012 0 Comments

Finding a job while you are graduated from high school and waiting for college will not only provide you with some extra cash but it will teach you a great deal of life skills. Getting the right job for your situation can seem daunting. You can make the process much easier by following some simple steps.

1. Develop a resume. Check online for resume templates. Be sure to search for template for high school
students. These resumes will be straightforward and simple to complete. Download the template to
your computer and save it. Complete all of the required information on the template and save the newly
revised file as well. It's important to keep all of your information upbeat and accurate. Print off several
copies of your resume.

2. Create a cover letter. Check online for cover letter templates. Once again, be sure to look for
templates that are designed for high school students. When you have completed your cover letter,
use spell check to ensure that there are no errors in your text. Print off several copies of your cover
letter. Attach your a copy of your resume to each of your cover letters and place the documents into an
appropriate sized envelope.

3. Find possible employment. Search through the classified ads in your local newspaper. Visit your
high school guidance department and speak with a counselor about possible employment ads posted
there. Check for jobs that you are capable of doing.

4. Submit your application. Determine where you want to submit your application. Phone these
establishments and speak to the manager about possible jobs and submitting your resume. Find out the
best time and day to visit each company.

5. Dress appropriately. When you are submitting your resume, it's important to be dress appropriately.
There's no need to wear anything formal but you should be wearing a professional outfit.