College Course Planning for Freshman

5/25/2012 0 Comments

Determining which college courses you are going to take will depend a great deal on the degree you are working towards earning and on the major and minor you have chosen. 

1. Before you begin choosing your courses check with your college advisor about the number of credits that are required to earn a degree. You also need to find out the amount of credits you will earn with a full year and a half year course. 

2. Take out your college course catalog and turn to the section that lists and details the courses needed for your degree. Read through all of the information in this section so that you can best determine which courses will be right for your situation. You will also have to decide which courses will go towards your major, your minor and which will be elective classes. 

3. Decide which courses you want to take for your major. It's probably best to schedule an appointment with your college advisor to get some guidance on these required classes. When you have your major coursework decided, determine which classes you will need for your minor. Decide on your elective classes when you have determined all of your major and minor coursework. 

4. Your success in a class can depend on the teaching ability of the professor so speak with your advisor or more experienced college students about the professors that are teaching the classes you are considering. You may decide to change a course in order to enroll in a class with a more capable professor. 

5. Once your classes have started, be sure to officially drop any classes that you do not like or are not the best fit for you. This should be done as soon as possible so that your term grades to prevent any negative effects on your term grades.