Prom Night Checklist for Success

5/08/2012 0 Comments

Your prom is a very important event in your life. You will remember the events of the evening for a long time. You may also take a long time to pay off the costs of the event. When you consider all of the costs of prom night, it can be an expensive experience depending on your expectations for the evening.

Ticket Costs
Depending on the venue that your prom committee has chosen, your tickets can range between twenty and two hundred dollars. Proms that are held in hotel ballrooms are typically more expensive than ones that are held in community centers. Most tickets will include the cost of beverages, dinner and dancing.

Prom Night Dinner
There are some proms that do not provide a dinner for the guests. If you are attending a prom without dinner you will have to include the cost of restaurant meal. This cost can range from twenty to fifty dollars depending on where you choose to eat.

Salon Appointments
Many young ladies choose to go to a salon to have their nails, hair and makeup done by a professional. You can reduce the costs by choosing to have only your hair done at the salon and doing the rest yourself at home. Your costs for these services will range from fifty to two hundred and fifty dollars depending on the services you arrange.

Prom Outfit
The cost of your outfit will vary depending on whether you are a young man or a young lady. Most young men choose to rent a tuxedo to wear to the event. The cost of a rented tuxedo is typically about one hundred and fifty dollars. Young women will want a formal gown to wear. The cost of the gown will depend on the fabric, the length of the dress and the design brand name. Prom dresses can costs can range from two hundred to a thousand dollars. These costs will also include the price tags for shoes and jewelry.