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New Residence Hall Dorm Update

News briefs on the greatest and latest dorms opening up on college campuses. Trends in new dorm construction are observed in the larger number of more luxurious residence halls used as a tool to recruit the next generation of students, and a greater focus on dormitory amenities. New dormitories are breaking the mold of the classic dorm room concept. The majority of new dormitories contain "cluster" type single or double dorm rooms, where a group of 4 to 12 students share a private common space similar to an apartment with 10 bedrooms. The trendy new upscale dorms are coming with a hefty price tag, with the cost for housing rising 40% on average to cover the cost of the new super dorms. With the rising cost of college, shaky job market and diminishing real value of wages some are wondering how just how much debt students are willing to take on for a 4 year college degree and if this will increase enrollment at community colleges.

Edison State College located in Fort Myers, Florida is eager to finally see the rooms of its new LightHouse Commons residence hall fill with new students. The project cost the school $26 million dollars and will accommodate 400 students. The new style freshman dorm is set up with an apartment style feel with students being offered the opportunity to rent two bedroom or four bedroom models. Each unit comes with two bathrooms and will rent for about $6000 a year. The complex will offer a gym and sports facilities and a new key fob entry in the interest of advanced security.

Champlain College in Burlington, Vermont has recently approved the construction of three new dormitories for its student population, the first of which to be finished in the fall of 2012. The complete project should accommodate up to 1800 of the colleges 2000 students. The new residence halls will offer typical students facilities such as laundry and common rooms, but also a ski tuning room for student ready to take on the many ski slopes of Vermont.

The College of Saint Rose in Albany, New York has recently completed construction of its new dormitory, Centennial Hall named in honor of the school’s centennial anniversary due in 2020. The project, which cost upwards of $17 million, will supply housing for upperclassmen students in an apartment style that offers kitchens and dining rooms in each unit. In addition, the 224 bed hall will offer indoor storage for bicycles, a cafĂ© and even a convenience store in addition to the standard amenities such as laundry facilities and study areas and lounges.

Haverford College in Pennsylvania is scheduled to see the completion of two news residence hall projects in the fall of 2012 and will offer accommodations for up to 160 current and prospective students. The two story projects will offer courtyards with access by sliding glass doors. Both buildings will be connected by bridge to what is described as an outdoor mound with terraces and retaining walls to make the most out of outdoor space and create intimate gathering areas.

Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, North Carolina is looking forward to completion of two new dormitories scheduled to be completed and open in August of 2013. The two buildings on the North campus will be four stories and a total of 150,000 square feet. They will house up to 480 students in a suite style living arrangement with kitchens, lounges and study areas on every floor. The building project is also silver certified by Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED).

Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas is excited about the addition of its first new residence hall in almost 30 years. Opening is scheduled for the fall of 2013 and will offer accommodations for 640 students. Amenities include gaming areas, learning center, free laundry services, a convenience store a 24 hour front desk for added security and even a courtyard with barbeque facilities. The hall offers four different floor plans that include suite style living with bathrooms as well as standard single and double accommodation rooms, cable television and wi-fi internet will also be included.

Ferrum College in Ferrum Virginia recently saw completion of its new “modular” style dormitories. The project came in at just around four million dollars and construction time was significantly curtailed from normal construction time of about 1.5 to two years down to about six months. Each pre-built unit, or room was fitted one by one like building blocks until completion. The college was seeing an increase in need for residence hall and needed an alternative that would provide a solution on a shorter timetable. Each room offers a private bathroom, standard amenities with common kitchen area, laundry facilities and air conditioning in each room.

University of Iowa broke ground on the construction of a new west campus residence hall due for completeion in spring of 2010. The new dorm will be a large 10 story building housing over 500 students. The residence hall will include pod style housing which will be a cross between dorm rooms and apartment style housing

Pace University located in lower Manhattan is planning to build a 29 story mega dorm. One of two residence hall currently being built on campus, the 29 story dorm will house 600 students and is projected to be ready for the 2015 school year. Another 600 student dorm residence will be finished in mid 2013.

Northern Illinois University recently unveiled their first new residence hall built in over 44 years. New Hall is  a large new dormitory housing approximately 1,000 students. The upscale new dorm features large spacious rooms, leather couches, and even comes equipped with flat screen TVs.

University of Washington has invested $200 million on new residence hall construction since 2008 in an effort to bring more students back to campus. With 2 new dormitories opening this semester and 2 new dorms last year the university has brought over 1,700 students back to campus in the past year. Living in the new dorms is not cheap, with a price tag of nearly $900 per month for the cheapest rooms for the school year and nearly $1,400 per month for the most expensive.

Corning Community College in upstate New York joins the majority of the two year schools In New York State’s college system with the groundbreaking and construction of a new 84 room residence hall to benefit the education of current and future students. The project was approved in 2011 and is schedule for completion and opening by the fall semester in 2013. The project is expected to cost 16 million dollars and the new building will accommodate about 320 residents. The college administration believes by adding this residence hall, they will be able to enhance programs from academics to sports to the arts.

With the luxuries of these new super dorms we might see a decrease in students studying abroad. Not just because these new dorms are so great, but also the higher cost of new student dorms could make affording a semester abroad more challenging. We recommend not letting this opprotunity pass you buy, check out some more great reasons to study abroad here.

Don't see a dorm that should be on our list? Let us know in the comments below and we will add it to the list.


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