Care Instructions for Feather Pillows

6/03/2012 0 Comments

Bed pillows that are filled with feathers offer a soft place to rest your head. For this reason, many
people prefer to sleep on feather pillows. In order to keep these pillows soft, it is necessary to wash
them properly.

It is possible to wash your feather pillows in your washing machine. Remove the case from the pillows
and check for any small tears in the pillow fabric. If you detect any rips, be sure to mend the holes
before you place the pillow into the washing machine. This will prevent the loss of feathers from the
pillow during the washing cycle. You can use either a needle and thread, or fabric tape to mend any
holes you might find.

Washing machines can become unbalanced if a load becomes heavy on one side of the drum. An
unbalanced machine will not wash your items properly and can potentially damage your washer. It's
important to place your feather pillows properly into your machine. Put one pillow on either side of the
drum. If you have a few towels that also need to be washed, placed them in with the pillows. Set the
cycle to cold water. Pour a small amount of laundry detergent over the items in the washer. Turn the
setting to gentle and start the cycle. When the cycle finishes, repeat the rinse portion to make sure that
there is no detergent left on the pillows.

Remove your pillows from the washing machine and shake them gently to fluff the filling. Place your
pillows into the dryer along with a tennis ball. The tennis ball will keep the feathers from clumping
inside your pillow. Set the dryer on a medium setting. After fifteen minutes, remove the pillows and
fluff them again. Continue the process until the pillows are dry.