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7 Easy College Meal Options

Its lunch time! Making your own meals can be a bit overwhelming if you're not comfortable cooking. The following meal ideas can make the challenge easier.

1. Bagel Breakfast. You'll need bagels and flavored cream cheese. Cut your bagels in half and toast  them lightly. Spread your cream cheese over each side while the bagel is still warm. Add a glass of fruit juice and you've got a quick breakfast.

2. Muffin Pancakes. Use a prepared biscuit or muffin mix to make quick pancakes. Follow the instructions on the side of the package. Top them off with syrup and fruit.

3. Mac and Cheese. Pick up a package of mac and cheese that you can make on your own. Add ground beef and tomatoes to make chili mac and cheese. Add tuna and onions, and you've got a simple tuna casserole.

4. Dinner, the European Way. Use a french or Italian baguette as the backdrop for your toppings. Slice the bread into thick slices. Cut your favorite cheese into pieces that will fit over the bread. Warm the two together in the microwave for about forty seconds.

5. Wrap It Up. Fill whole wheat wraps with your favorite veggies, cheese and meat. Top it off with mustard, mayonnaise or salad dressing. A simple meal that's a breeze to make.

6. Good Ol' Soup 'n Sandwich. Make a grilled cheese sandwich with whole wheat bread and cheese slices. Either fry them up in a pan or melt them together in the microwave. Add a bowl of your best soup and you've got a hearty meal.

7. Brownie Sundae Dessert. Keep brownies, chocolate chips and whip cream in your dorm room. Place the chocolate chips into a microwave and warm them into a sauce. Warm up a brownie and cover it with whipped cream. Pour the chocolate sauce over the top and you've got a simple decadent dessert. Enjoy it late at night, while you're watching television and cozied up in your dorm room bedding.


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