How to Organizie Your Dorm Room In Under 10 Minutes

4/25/2012 , 0 Comments

Your college dorm will probably be much smaller than the room you have at home. By keeping it organized, you can keep all of your belongings neat and easy to access.

Keep things in your dorm room that have more than one function. Use a laptop or a net book rather than a desk top computer. This will enable you to use your laptop in a variety of location. Better yet, use a tablet which takes up even less space. Put a blanket on your bed that can be easily laundered. This way you can use it your room, or take it with you to sporting events and other outdoor functions.

Talk to your roommate about sharing things you need. Rather than taking up space with two small fridges, share one and save some room for another item. Divide the fridge so that you have at least one shelf for yourself and one for your roommate. That way, you can be sure your favorite snacks will be there when you want them.

Leave no space empty in your room. Use up every square inch possible. Keep your luggage filled with clothing that is out of season. Anything that doesn't fit into your luggage can be stored in boxes and under the bed containers.

Most importantly, determine the best organization system for all of your academic resources. Use file folders, desk organizers, and even an extra filing cabinet to keep of your important college papers in the best order possible. Not only will it make easier to access the resources, it will increase your ability to produce more successful papers and assignments.

By keeping a place for everything, and putting everything in its place, you will be able to keep your dorm room organized and prevent the stress of lost or damaged items.