The Perfect Dorm Bed

If you're moving into an unfurnished studio apartment or college dorm, you'll want to strongly consider a twin XL bed. With dimensions that are a bit more roomy than a standard sized twin bed, a twin XL bed is the perfect dorm bed.

If someone you know is off to college, or has just moved into their first apartment in the big city, suggest that they get a twin XL bed. Most young adults are much too big for a standard sized twin bed. Their feet stick out from the end of the bed, and they need a bit more width in order to have a good night's sleep. That won't happen any more if you get a twin XL bed. A twin XL bed can give them the comfort that they need when conserving space is a serious consideration.

Studio and small one bedroom apartments in the big city can be cramped and uncomfortable. And young adults often times don't have the money that they would need in order to buy a full sized bed. A twin XL bed is the right solution because they're bigger than a standard sized twin bed, yet not quite as big as a double bed or certainly a queen sized bed. More often than not, the price is another factor to take into consideration, and a twin XL bed could be the right choice.

Other instances of a twin XL bed being the right solution is for lake houses, cottages, hunting camps and cabins. In these types of buildings, you will want to find the best use of space, and not have to sacrifice your comfort in the process. With a twin XL bed, your hunting buddies, extended family, beach visitors, and their kids can all sleep comfortably, without taking up excessive amounts of valuable space. Here, a twin XL bed can be a perfect solution.

Twin XL beds can be easy to find locally, and on the Internet. Bedding can be found on many Internet sites, such as Bed Bath & Beyond, Target, and You'll be able to specify different sizes and styles of sheets for your twin XL bed, and get a wide range of colors and patterns to choose from. Many Internet sites will let you compare different brands of sheets for your twin XL bed, to make sure you're getting the best value for your hard earned dollar.


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