College Dorm Beds Differ From Standard Twin Beds

You might think that any size twin sheet set will be suitable for a college or over-sized twin bed, but knowing the differences between XL Twin Sheets and standard sized twin sheets can save you a lot of frustration in the long run. Before you buy a gift for the college student in your life, consider this important information about a college dorm bed.

Most “average sized” college students are far too big for standard sized twin beds. The students are much taller, and their legs stick out way past the end of the bed! But in a college dorm, space is of course very limited. In most dorms, a standard full sized bed just won't work, and this is why college administrators decided to find a happy medium, and have standardized the use of beds that need XL twin sheets.

Between paying for transportation, expensive textbooks, food and other important expenses, many college students don't have the extra money to buy new bedding. But many would appreciate a thoughtful gift of brand new XL twin sheets. The life of a student is busy, and work commitments, school assignments, studying, and labs all take up a slice of the pie. Many students want to have fresh bedding but just don't have enough time to do laundry. A gift of XL twin sheets would certainly help them out.

Many stores don't have a great selection of XL twin sheets, and even when you find a store that carries them at all, many of the XL twin sheets aren't what you were looking for. A great way to find the XL twin sheets that you want, and separate them from the other sheets that you don't, is to look on various websites. Target,, Wal-Mart, and all have internet sites that allow you to search specifically for XL twin sheets. Some sites will even let you search for XL twin sheets by solid color, pattern, print, fabric or thread count.

For a more luxurious gift to a special student away at college somewhere cold, consider the thoughtful gift of flannel XL twin sheets. Help them stay warm at night when they're far away from home. They'll appreciate that you care, and will get a better night sleep on those cold nights before a big exam, or on a Saturday or Sunday morning after a week of cramming or writing papers.

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