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2014 Dorm Room Colors and Decor Fashion Guide

With spring coming to an end and the summer just starting, there are now more college bound freshman than ever that will soon be decorating their dorm rooms! There are tons of trends out there that may or may not be your cup of tea but learning about these trends is a great way to get some ideas about your own d├ęcor. The female dorm room is a very unwieldy thing that may or may not end up collecting trends from all around with no cohesive picture.

Pastels: Mint and Coral

There are a few trends that are beautiful, innovative, and just plain fun. The first trend that is making strides in the college dorm room is of course pastels. Pastels are beautiful and are incredibly easy to match with and can make any room seem instantly more homey. One pastel that is exceedingly popular is mint green. This cool color makes any room seem bigger is easy on the eyes, and is great for just about any larger theme that you may decide to use. Pastels are a great way to make smaller spaces seem larger by brightening and lightening up the space that you are given. Though darker colors may seem a bit more sophisticated, lighter colors are better for the mood and for making the most of the space that you have been given. Another pastel that is very popular this season is coral. This fun punchy color is great for those girls that want something bold that is not too bold.

Bold Patterns

For those that are not working on painting or do not like pastels, bold patterns are also very popular this season. This means bold patterned bedding, bold patterned rugs, and more. Bold patterns are a great way to add visual interest in a room that may not have all that much room for larger pieces that take up floor space. Adding bold prints can be like adding art without having to actually adding art and pieces that can take up tons of space. Bold patterns are a great way to add a bit of fun to any space.

Tribal Prints

Still another great trend is bold tribal prints. These prints have a worldly feel and are great for just about any dorm room. These prints are beautiful and can add tons of visual interest to a room that may not be all that pretty. These tribal prints can also make a room seem a bit more roomy and like the home that you left. Tribal prints are great for those that want to add interest without adding large pieces that can take up your entire floor space. Tribal prints are interesting, colorful, and can add tons of interest and just plain brightness to a room.

Mod Furniture

Yet another great trend that you may want to embrace is the mod look. This means furniture and design elements that look like they came from the 60s or 70s. These pieces are always interesting and beautiful and are a great way to make any room instantly more interesting. You can also add pieces of mod furniture without embracing the entire theme. Mod furniture goes well with just about any trend and is great for adding interest quickly and easily. Mod pieces are easy to come by and are great for making the most of your money. These pieces can be found in second hand stores and if you cannot afford actual mod pieces, there are tons of different stores that offer reproductions that are a bit more affordable.


Though preppy design used to be the big thing with female dorm rooms, more often than not girls are opting for the more eclectic look bringing in pieces of this and that which may not ultimately match. This trend is great for those that may not have enough money to buy all items that match. Buying second hand items that are mismatched but still look good together is one way that those doing the decorating can make the most of their money without having to search for pieces that match.

Bohemian/Nature Chic

There are plenty of other trends to consider but one last trend that is especially interesting is the bohemian and natural theme that is really taking off. This means adding pieces that are somewhat more natural, these pieces can be things like flowers, grasses, branches or just pictures of nature in their dorm room. The natural and bohemian trend is easy to pull off as you can find tons of great pieces that are second hand. Making your room natural and bohemian is very inexpensive as there are no real rules when it comes to how this type of room should come together.

Though trends are helpful in establishing ideas, you may want to avoid following one trend exclusively to experiment and see just what you can come up with on your own. Taking the time to look at trends and see what is out there before you take the time to settle on one trend is the best way to customize what limited space you have in a dorm room and really make the space your own.


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