Where to Get Sheets For an Adjustable Split King Bed

Experts in health agree that getting a good night's sleep is crucial to your health and well-being for a number of different reasons. Of course, you know how a lack of sleep makes you feel irritable and on edge all day. However, a persistent shortage of sleep can also wreak havoc on your physical health as well. Your immune system can suffer, allowing you to fall victim to colds, the flu, and other illnesses more easily. It is also likely that you will feel less alert and mentally prepared which can be hazardous if you are driving.

Two Twin XL Beds Combined

Of course, knowing you need to get an adequate amount of sleep in order to function at your very best is one thing. The reality of being able to get that sleep that you so desperately need can be quite different. This is especially true if you have a loved one that you share a bed with. No matter how much you might love them, you could find their preferences for mattress firmness and thickness to be lacking as far as your comfort is concerned. You might even find that their bedding of choice is making it difficult for you to relax so you can sleep.

Enter the Split King Adjustable Bed

The split king adjustable bed is exactly what its name suggests: a king bed that has two different sections. It is psychically one bed with the flexibility to work mechanically as two separate beds. The adjustability of each side allows you to raise your head, feet or both so that you are in the perfect position to get a relaxing and rejuvenating sleep. Building on the original adjustable bed model, this split option is the ideal solution if you and your loved one have polar opposite preferences when it comes to comfort levels when sleeping.

Convenience of Split King Beds

Personal sleep preferences are not the only reason why a split king adjustable bed is a good choice for couples. If one of you has a health condition that requires you to sleep in a more upright position, for example, this can be achieved without disturbing the sleep and relaxation of the other person. Even during those times when you have a cold, sleeping slightly upright can help drainage issues and make you feel much better in the morning since fluids tend to pool in the body when you lie completely flat all night.

Mobility Issues Are Addressed With Separate Mattresses

As you age, you might find that it is harder to get out of bed on your own. Using the adjustability of the bed, you can raise your head and torso to make it easier to get out of bed on your own. On a similar note, doing so with your loved one can make it easier for you to help them out of the bed if they need assistance.

Adjustable Mattress Preferences

These days, you can find mattresses in a range of different configurations. Pillow tops, a variety of mattress firmness and more can make it difficult to find one particular mattress type that meets the comfort level of both you and your partner. With a split king adjustable bed, though, you can have the soft plushness of a pillow top while your partner enjoys a firm mattress that provides the support they need to keep their back happy.

The Mattress Is Not the Only Consideration

While a difference in opinion about what makes a comfortable bed is often at the root of what makes many people look at a split king adjustable bed, it is not the only consideration. Preferences in bedding material is also a key factor when it comes to comfort level. You might prefer the cool softness of a high thread count cotton sheet set while your partner might like the sleekness of silk to sleep on. When you each have your own twin bed, you can easily find the type of sheets you prefer without subjecting your loved one to something they might not find to their liking.


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