Fast Tips to Reduce Your Utilitiy Costs off Campus

6/02/2012 0 Comments

If your living off campus, you understand the high cost of keeping your place warm. Heating costs
have risen drastically over the past few years, making the costs of utilities much more expensive. You
can reduce some of your heating costs by investing in heated blankets and bed covers. By using heating
blankets at night, you can reduce your utility costs between ten and fifteen percent.

There are many different heated blankets available in a variety of fabrics, designs, sizes and colors.
Some of these blankets are designed with sensors that detect a change in your body temperature and
reflect the change in the heat emitted. The wiring inside these blankets are barely noticeable and do not
affect the comfort and texture of the fabric.

You can also use a heated mattress pad. These products are fitted over your mattress and below your
flat sheet. They provide a consistent level of heat and are also available in a varying prices. Most
heated mattress pads also have twin controls that allow you to determine heat levels on both sides of
your bed. Some are designed with a timer that enable you to set the time when your bed will begin to
heat. This feature lets you get into a bed that is warm and cozy.

Be sure to purchase a heated blanket or mattress pad that meets safety standards. Look for products
with automatic shut off features that will prevent the chance of fire from overheating. Read all of the
instructions and safety precautions provided with your blanket or pad before you use it and inspect the
fabric on a regular basis to ensure that there are no exposed wires. Make sure you have also read any
cleaning and drying instructions provided by the manufacturer. Heated blankets and pads cannot be put
into a washing machine for cleaning due to the electric wires and controls inside them.

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