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College A to ZZZZzz: Dictionary and Sleep; Two Dos!

First, no, your mother did not write this. Perhaps, consider me a concerned third-party, a fellow American, and a writer who does care about your success.  

Tough times still - for us - for you, so basics are a must to run at our very best, learn and develop, find our roles in the resolution, and sustain ourselves in the future, accountably.  

Smart and healthy are synonymous.
College Dictionary

Dictionary - The Reference Book

Dictionary: noun 1. A reference book containing an explanatory alphabetical list of words with definitions, pronunciations, and often other information, such as synonym lists (similar words).

While the World Wide Web now provides you with more tools than you will have time to utilize during your 4 years in college, a good dictionary is an absolute must, and the one book you will invest in that appreciates in value over time. Understanding the definition of words, what they mean “literally” is not just important it is part of the very foundation of your future.

Learn the true meaning of words, how they are used (and misused), what they denote, signify, represent, purport and portend, and I promise you will jump to the head of your line. While you may buy and sell 100 books during your college years, a good dictionary will be your friend, your ally, your compass for life.

Sleep; Succeed.

Sleep: noun and verb 1. A natural periodic state of rest characterized by reduced consciousness, relatively suspended sensory activity, and inactivity of almost all muscle functions.

Humans sleep needs vary; young adults, especially college students like you, who run your brain hard during the day, require 8 to 9 hours of sleep each night in order to rejuvenate your mind, and your body.  Sleep is a key factor in maintaining a healthy brain and body in college, and life.

Sleep not only affects how you feel, it affects how you look, and ultimately how you will be perceived by others.  When your body and mind are at rest: your body temperature and heartbeat regulates, your blood supply increases, your muscles relax and repair, hormones are released for growth and development throughout your body, memory consolidation occurs, and most importantly, your energy is restored.

Adequate sleep is often measured by the absence of sleepiness and/or dysfunction during daylight hours. As college students, you have probably already learned how to function on minimal sleep, when necessary.  Lack of sleeps leads to a plethora of problems later in life, including weight gain. Be smart by maintaining a high standard of care for your mind and body, and keep sleep a top priority.    

What else is vital to college success? Let us know in the comments below.


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