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Bed Bugs in the Bed Room!

The topic of bed bugs is a common headline in news articles and reports. These irritating pests are
spreading more and more, infesting many beds around the world. They have been found not only in
hotels, but in homes and dorm rooms as well.

There is no valid connection between bed bugs and dirty rooms. Rather than dirt, bed bugs look for
human blood as their food source. Any areas that provide bed bugs with access to human blood are
potential locations for a bed bug infestation.

In order to infest a dorm room, bed bugs have to be carried on a person or their belongings. Once
feeding is over, these insects will not remain on their food sources. They might however, stay on a
piece of clothing and be carried from one place to another. This enables these insects to infest offices
and theaters on coats and in purses. Bed bugs are also know to travel in suitcases and pieces of luggage.

When bed bugs reach a dorm room they can easily hide in wall trim and furniture fabric. Once hidden,
they will start reproducing. One female bed bug can produce hundreds of eggs. It is important to keep
your dorm room tidy in order to reduce the number of places where these pests can hide. Do your best
to neatly organize your room and clean it on a regular basis.

The ability of bed bugs to travel from one place to another makes infestations of these insects much
more prevalent in locations where there is a high turnover rate. Dorm rooms have many students who
come and go either within the same room, the hall, the building or campus. This factor can increase the
potential for someone bringing bed bugs into your room. It's important to keep this in mind, and keep
your room tidy to reduce the chances of getting an infestation of these bugs.


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