Top 8 Microwaveable Food Ideas For Your Dorm Room

Most college students keep a microwave in their dorm rooms. That way they can make meals that can be enjoyed while sitting comfortably on college dorm bedding. There are many foods that can be quickly cooked or warmed in a residence room. 

1. Scrambled Eggs. Crack two eggs into a bowl. Whip them with a fork. Put the mixture into the microwave and cook for ninety seconds.

2. Bacon. Place a piece of paper towel onto a plate. Put six strips of bacon on the paper. Cover with another piece of paper towel. Cook in the oven for five minutes. The paper towel will absorb all of the excess grease.

3. Oatmeal. Pour some oatmeal into a bowl. Cover with water. Heat in the microwave. Put syrup, brown sugar or fruit on top.

4. Popcorn. For a quick snack, you can microwave a bag of popcorn in less than three minutes. Popcorn is available in a variety of flavors. If you prefer, you can add your own flavoring.

5. Potatoes. Baked potatoes are easy in the microwave. Before you place your potato into the oven, use a fork to poke several small holes through the skin. Cook it on high for five minutes. Add more time if necessary. Top your potato with sour cream, cheese, onions or chili.

6. Pasta. You can make pasta with boiling it in water. Pour some water into a bowl. Heat the water to boiling. Add the pasta to the hot water. Heat the water and pasta together. Pour on your sauce and mix it into the pasta.

7. Nachos. Put some nacho chips onto a plate. Top with cheese and cooked ground beef. Heat the mixture in the microwave. Take out of the oven and top with sour cream.

8. Tuna Melts. Mix a can of tuna with mayonnaise. Spread the tuna mixture over the bottom of a hamburg bun. Place a cheese slice on top and heat it in the microwave. Place the the top bun over the cheese.