Tips For The College Student Finding Off Campus Housing

5/05/2012 0 Comments

You when are making plans for college, you may find that the best housing solution for you is living off campus. These tips will help you in your search for a place to live.

1. Consider Your Budget. Calculate the amount of money you will have coming in from scholarships, loans, jobs and family. Take your total amount and divide it by the number of months you will be in school for the year. This will tell you how much money you have each month for all of your expenses.
Based on that total, you can figure out the most you can pay for rent.

2. Search the Rental Listings. When you know how much you can afford for rent, start searching the advertisements for rental properties in the area. Speak with the housing department at your college and ask for any off campus listings they might have.

3. Read all of the Fine Print in a Lease. Once you have found a rental property that works for you, you will need to sign a lease with the landlord. Be sure to read the document carefully, including all of the fine print. Ensure that the document has the accurate dates for the term of the lease and that you will not be obligated to make payments after the end of the school year.

4. Making Your Place Feel Like Home. When you have finally signed all of the paperwork for your rental, you will need to get all of the items you will need to make your new place feel like home. Visit your local department store to get all of the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom items you need. Check out the linens section to find the best choices and deals in college bedding, sheets and linens that you can use in your off campus housing.