Unexpected Costs of College

College Fees

The countdown to college can be a little intimidating because there is so much planning that must take place. Finding the right college that offers the major that you are interested in, that is also within your budget, is tough enough. Also, the earlier you plan the better, especially if you are planning on boarding in a dorm or renting an apartment. This is because the cost can be overwhelming if you don’t really do your research. The tuition and room and board are obviously the most expensive, but the other charges that are associated with college can also add up very quickly and are sometimes not expected.

Other Costs

The textbooks for college can add up very fast. Most of the time the books can be over $160.00 each, and if you are a full time student taking four classes this can easily cost over $700.00 each semester. However, if you are short on cash at the start of some semesters, you should be aware of signing up for science classes and some math classes. These classes require labs, and the labs require their own books which can almost double your cost of books. Also, keep in mind that you will definitely need a laptop. It is almost impossible nowadays to not have your own, especially if you are a student. You can get some great brands from local stores for as cheap as $550.00, these should last you a couple of years at least.

Dorm and Apartments

If you are a student that lives on campus, you will need to get your own personal items for your dorm or apartment. There are many small items that will be easy to run out and get last minute. But, if you are expecting a comfortable place to sleep you may want to check online at websites such as www.twinxl.com
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