Study Tips: How to Manage Your College Schedule

College may be the first time that you are able to live on your own and make most of your own decisions. This situation can become difficult if there are a great deal of things going on that can distract you from your studies. By managing your time well, you will have enough time for studying and having fun.

To keep your time organized you will need an alarm clock, an address book, a calendar, and a personal organizer. Choose an alarm clock that you are sure will awaken you from a sound sleep in your twin XL dorm bed. Your calendar should have large areas for each day of the month where you can write notes about your personal schedule. Transfer the information from your calendar into your personal organizer. Keep your personal organizer with you when you go out so that you can add new information as you need to. 

Go through the syllabus of each of your college courses and copy all of the important dates onto your calendar and into your organizer. Include the dates for assignments, tests and exams.

Keep your reading materials with you whenever you go out. This will enable you to do extra reading when you are waiting for appointments or between your scheduled classes.

Use your calendar to back track the time you need for assignments and studying for tests. Determine the amount of time you will need and schedule in the time on your calendar and in your organizer. You will probably need about two weeks for assignments and at least two days for tests. This will help to ensure that you use your time to meet your academic obligations.

Whenever possible, work on your assignments in an appropriate environment. If you do not have one where you live, take the time to go to the library where you can study without distractions.