College Dorm Supplies Checklist 2012

4/18/2012 0 Comments

It’s exciting to be moving into a new dorm room! Why damper that excitement by discovering that you’ve forgotten something essential? Make a list of items to take to make sure you have what you want and need.

Here are some suggestions for what to take with you to the dorm, from the everyday thing to things you may not have thought of!

Desk Supplies

You’re here to study so make sure that the desk supplies you need are with you. The first day is a bad time to start borrowing your roommate’s supplies! Typical things in this list include:

- Pens, pencils, erasers
- Stapler, staples, ruler, scissors
- Paper clips, rubber bands
- Notebooks, paper, file folders

Taking a laptop? Make sure to take an extension cord. Also, a multi plug adapter that plugs into an outlet and gives you 4-6 plugins is helpful. You’ll need a place to plug in your desk lamp, laptop, music system and cell phone charger!

A small travel printer is handy for those late night homework printing needs. Take extra printer cartridges with you, too.

A calculator is nice to have, specially if it’s solar powered. If not, take extra batteries. Preferably rechargeable batteries, and the charger to go with them.

Laundry, Bath and Shower Supplies

- Laundry detergent, dryer sheets, laundry bag or basket
- Bathrobe, flip flops, shower and bath items in a bag
- Towels and washcloths
- Favorite pillow, twin xl sheets, blanket
- Take enough supplies like shampoo, soap and toothpaste to last the first week. Then purchase small quantities to reduce the amount of storage that big bottles take up in the room.


Take a good desk lamp. It will get used a lot! And also take a small reading light to use when your roommate is asleep and you need a little more light to read.

Dorm rooms may have minimal lighting so a good floor lamp could be helpful.


Look for ways to maximize the storage space in your room.

- Use boxes that fit under the bed to store items you may not use everyday. Just remember what you put there since it will be out of sight!
- Find fold-able shelving that can be easily moved and stored when not in use


There are a few useful items that can make you a valuable resource to other people in the dorm.

- Small tool kit with extra parts (nails, screws, etc.)
- Duct tape - a definite must have!
- Basic first aid supplies

Expect to forget something on your list. Make it your goal to have what you absolutely need for the first couple of days at the dorm. Each day make a note of items you need. This way you can have a good start in your dorm life focusing on your classes and not on the fact that you forgot your favorite pillow!