Premium Twin XL Mattress Protector

6/11/2010 , 2 Comments

One of most difficult items for college shoppers to find is a twin extra long mattress protector. Having a mattress protector for your college dorm bed is also very important. There are many benefits of having a mattress protector that not only benefit you but benefit the school's mattress. Taking proactive steps to protect the school's mattress can save you money at the end of the year.

One of the main functions of a mattress protector is to protect the bed mattress.

Liquids can cause permanent damage to a mattress. In a college environment there is a lot of opportunities for liquids to get on the mattress. Dorm rooms are small so the dorm room bed is often used as a couch to sit on or a table to eat and drink on. If you want to avoid charges at the end of the year than avoid causing damage to the mattress with a protector. Many mattress protectors vary in the level of waterproofing, from water resistant to waterproof.

Reduce allergies and dust mites.

A lot of bacteria can thrive in a mattress environment. The mattress protector in this case works to protect you from the bed by keep a protective layer between you and the mattress.

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  1. Anonymous1/18/2013

    I agree with you, it is really hard to find a Twin XL Mattress Protector that my son is looking for. I wonder where can I find one of those. I think I also needed a water proof one also. Can you give me a list regarding that? Thanks for this one.

    Sleepys New York

    1. Hi Mary,

      Check out this link:

      Thank you