Dorm Supplies For The Summer

What new this summer for college students? Its start at the movie theater where a range of hilarious summer movies are targeting college aged people. The Hangover is very popular with the college crowd and makes a great dorm room movie if you are staying in the night. In the movie a Groom to be and his three friends take a trip of the life time to Las Vegas as his final night out as a bachelor. After an intense 24 hours of drinking and partying they all wake up the next morning and can not remember anything that has happened to them. Things get crazy when they find a tiger and a baby in their hotel room. College enthusiast can relate to there college parties and fulfill their desires to recreate the same type of evening in Las Vegas.

What else is hot right now is the inflatable portable beer pong table. With the temperature rising and college students getting hot a nice way to cool off is to play a round of beer pong or hop in the pool. Now students at any university can combine the two into one refreshing event. Don’t be limited by indoors or outdoors the inflatable beer pong table is portable and can be set on a table or hung from the ceiling to take advantage of its perfect cup rack.

Nothing sets the summer mood more then a color bouquet of fresh flowers. Flowers may wilt and fall apart but the new Flower string lights will not. They are made from 100% real leaves and come in a variety of colors that really set off a dorm room. Make your room ready for summer and enjoy it all year long today.