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The Right Choice - Your Twin XL Mattress

The Twin XL Mattress is designed especially for the people whose height is above 6’3 feet. They are generally used with the bunk beds which allow and give more space in order to move around freely. The size of the Twin XL Mattress has the width of 39 inches and the length of 80 inches. It is 5 inches higher in the length as compared with the standard mattress.

There are wide varieties of the Twin XL Mattress available for the users to make the choice easily according to their likings and preferences. One of the popular varieties is Twin XL Coil mattresses featuring steel coils that give additional durability and strength. The coils are placed in different configurations which help in providing additional support to the specific areas of the bed. All new coil spring beds are firm and the best for providing support to mostly those people who sleep on the back. They are the most inexpensive mattress made available by the manufacturers. As far as maintenance is concerned, the coil springs are easy to maintain. If you want to prevent the mattress from sagging, you should regularly flip the Twin XL coil Mattress.

Other famous variety available for you to make the choice is the memory foam mattresses. This mattress gets the name from the ability of conforming to the shape of the object and retaining the shape for a long period of time. These mattresses are extremely light as compared to the other XL mattresses. One of the most alluring aspects of the twin XL memory foam mattresses is that they are flame resistance. This mattress gives a more comfortable feel to the users while sleeping.

There are various brands manufacturing Twin XL Mattress for users. Talking about the branded range of Twin XL Mattress available, it includes

  • Resilium XL mattress- This twin XL mattress is famous to provide softness and breathability to users.
  • OrthoZone II Foam- This twin XL mattress enables the users to enjoy a comfortable and relaxing sleep.
  • SuperSoft SealyFoam: This branded mattress enables the users to enjoy a luxurious and plush feel.
  • ComfortLife and DuraFoam are other popular twin XL mattresses to enjoy restorative and deep sleep.
If you are planning to buy Twin XL Mattress, it is beneficial to opt for those XL mattresses that have innerspring as these mattresses are considered orthopedically correct mattresses that can enable users to sleep in full comfort. XL mattresses having innerspring are also considered the best because they eliminate the pressure points that lead to tossing and turning of the body which can in turn inhibit blood circulation while sleeping.
The superiority of twin XL mattresses is proven by the fact that they are made of safe technology. To be precise, these mattresses are made of eco friendly technology so they do not include any toxic or harmful pesticide in their fabrics. The XL mattresses are also one of the best choices for those suffering from chemical sensitivity and allergies.


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