Exciting Extra Long Styles

Twin XL Sheets are counted among the best bedroom accessories that make you to enjoy a comfortable time on your bed. The best feature about these sheets is that they are made of Egyptian cotton making the users to enjoy maximum comfort.

Twin XL Sheets are available in a rainbow of colors. You can get these sheets in unique colors range, such as royal blue, orange, bone, lime green, yellow, forest green, sea foam, hunter green, burgundy, light purple, royal purple and light pink. So many designer colors are available for twin XL sheets as compared to other type of bed sheets.

These sheets include an incredible soft status. XL sheets have pockets of around 16 inches that make it easy to fit for mattresses of all sizes. One of the most alluring features of these bed sheets is that they can be easily washed in washing machines and can be easily maintained as compared to other forms of bed sheets. The extensive thread count that reaches up to 100 is another worth mentioning feature of Twin XL Sheets. The higher thread count of XL sheets makes them the most comfortable fabric available.

These sheets are exclusively popular in colleges. The comfortable and gracious status of these sheets makes them a worth buy for all college students who stay far away from their home in hostels. Twin XL Sheets are popular for being stretchy fabrics that can easily fit on any twin XL mattress. Versatility and flexibility to fit on any mattress size are two of the most alluring features of Twin XL Sheets.

It is advisable for the buyers to buy only those Twin XL sheets that are similar in length with the mattresses they are using. The general size of these sheets is around 178 to 175 inches. So, you can choose the size of the sheet according to the size of your mattresses. If you feel confused on what size of XL sheet you want then twin regulars are simply the best options. The buyers of these sheets can feel impressed by the lovely dot pattern on which XL sheets are designed.

You can experience the real luxury while using XL sheets. The XL sheet set includes fitted sheet, flat sheet and pillowcase. The size measurement of flat XL sheet is up to 66 inches x 100 inches and the fitted sheet can measure up to 38 inches x 80 inches in size. The pillowcase included in the XL sheet set is of around 21 inches x 32 inches measurement in size.

Twin XL sheets that include Nautica Danbury Stripe Sheet Set are a fabulous combo of royal, light blue, red and pink colored cotton sheets. This extra long bed sheet set includes one long fitted sheet, one twin flat sheet and standard pillowcase. Some twin XL sheets include ply construction. These sheets are thoroughly elastic sewn. The extra long sheets can offer you easy tuck because of being oversized top sheet. The material content in the extra long sheet is around 45% cotton and 55% poly. These sheets also include a beige finish and include dimensions of about 39" x 80".


  1. I have never heard of Twin XL sheets! Thanks for the tip - people usually do not think these things in preparation for college.dorm bedding .

  2. Sheets should not be too small for the bed